Les Miserables: OH MY WORD I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS MOVIE. Caleb and I rarely go to the movies (we just wait until it comes to Redbox), but we are GOING to this one!  Just seeing the trailer makes me cry big baby tears.  Anne Hathaway is perfection, and I can't wait to hear Hugh Jackman sing because he is one of my all-time favorites.  Plus I just love this musical and if I don't get the chance to play Eponine at some point in my life I may die.

The Hobbit: As a die-hard LOTR fan, this movie makes me squeal with delight.  Yeah, they kinda messed around with the story a bit, but it works just fine and I'm not mad about it because at least they got the extra material from The Silmarillion. Also, is anyone else intrigued but a bit discombobulated by how attractive these dwarves are? I mean really. We've come a long way from Gimli.

The Twelve:  This is the sequel to The Passage by Justin Cronin, which is one of my favorite books from the last few years.  I'm getting it for Christmas and I cannot WAIT  to read it.  I. Just. Love. It.

The Cabin in the Woods: remember when I said I was way behind pop-culturally?  I wasn't kidding.  I just recently watched this movie, and I thought it was brilliant.  Caleb wasn't as big a fan, but I think it's because he thought it was actually going to be a horror movie rather than a subversion.  I loved it. Joss does it again, folks.

Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cat gets me.  That is all.

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