I love Claire's.  I do not care that it is geared towards twelve year olds and a majority of the products are One Direction and Hello Kitty themed. I have shopped there since I was eight and I probably will continue to until I'm like 35, when it would get weird.
That being said, Claire's is kinda my happy place during the school year, because let's face it, where I'm from there aren't many choices.
So when finals arrive, a trip to Claire's followed by Tech night at Zaxby's is definitely in order.
And on this particular trip, I picked up some get nail stickers, because I like leopard print and I am a weak human being.

I am actually pretty pleased with them!
A topcoat is necessary, because otherwise they'll peel off.  But once you have a few top coats on there, they stay on quite well (assuming you use a good topcoat. Do that.)  I've had them on for 3 days and not a chip in sight, plus I have been able to accomplish all of my daily tasks with no nail interference, such as
Opening mason jars (full of baking soda, NOT cocaine, just fyi)
And peel off stubborn peanut butter safety seals
So if you're into nail art and are terrible at doing it yourself, I would highly recommend these.  I've felt cool for three days, all for minimal effort.

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