1. Greek yogurt - a while back I posted about the clean diet that I'm starting... Well, starting today, because the left over birthday cake in the fridge proved to be my undoing. However, I've still been hitting the protein hard, and Greek yogurt has been my saving grace. It's thick enough so that I feel full and sweet enough that I don't go nuts. And it's a nice break from meat. Even a carnivorous lady such as myself can only enjoy chicken for so long.
2. Sula Tropical roll-on perfume - I went to Ulta last week and found this on sale. I have a great weakness for perfume, so I bought it, and boy, is it yummy! It's a little bit floral and a little bit vanilla and makes me forget how cold I am and how much I hate winter. Which brings me to...
3. Cardigans - I buy cardigans like other people buy socks. My current favorite is a gray cable knit open front one from Old Navy- warm and comfy. Also it goes over t-shirts and makes them fancy.
4. The Les Mis soundtrack - I have it and I am currently learning all the words and praying that someone around here decides to produce it so that I can be Fantine. Caleb loves it almost as much as I do, so we give mini-performances in the car.

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