I am always excited about non-heat ways to curls my hair, because A) naturally my hair is this weird in-between where its really wavey in the back underneath but there's this stick-straight layer on the top and the sides are just whack. So. There's that. Also, since I'm trying to grow my hair out for my wedding (a whole post on that, here), I'm trying to fast heat styling as much as possible.
So I snatched these.

Yes, I ripped the packaging in my zeal.
I knew that Hot Tools was one of those fancy brands that my cosmetologist cousin used in her salon, so I was excited.  And with good reason. These suckers work.
Like, Shirley Temple-effect work.
I tried these two ways; one shortly after I got out of the shower, so my hair was still damp.  I left them in for about 2 and a half hours, and dried my hair on low while they were in. This result wasn't that great; it gave my hair some body, but there wasn't really any curl.  So last night I put them into my dry hair and slept on them, and when I woke up I resembled the Cowardly Lion.
The trick with whether or not these will give you the kind of curls you want is if you know how to twist your hair - a skill which I lack, thus the poof. But I will hopefullly master it eventually.
So, these are super effective. Getchu some.

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