So a few weeks ago, Caleb and I adopted the sweetest cat ever in the whole world.

Her name is Margo and she is a 9 month old domestic longhair/Russian blue mix.  I have wanted a blue (for all you non-cat aficionados  its technically "blue" instead of gray. Logic) cat since I can remember, and the fact that she is fluffy just makes it so much better. Margo loves to snuggle and will cuddle up under my arm just like a teddy bear during nap time.  She also likes to sit with me when I catch up on my numerous TV shows.

As much as she loves me, she REALLY loves Caleb.  She snuggles with him as soon as he gets home from work.

She's really just the best cat ever.

We rescued Margo from the Animal Shelter in our hometown. When we went to pick her up from the vet, the vet thanked us for adopting a shelter cat because most of them get euthanized  People don't adopt cats as much as they do dogs because they want kittens and can get them from friends.
Margo is still technically a kitten, but adopting an "older" kitten has been so much easier on us as first time "pet parents." She was already box trained and doesn't require constant supervision like tiny kittens do.
Having had both cats that we got from friends and adopted cats, I can tell you for a fact that adopted ones are much more affectionate. They know that you rescued them and they love you for it.
So if you're looking for a loving pet, I highly recommend adopting from your local shelter! You get a furry friend and they get a loving home :)

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