Caleb and I just kind of wandered around town on Saturday and enjoyed having the day off.  Since it was the first Saturday of the month, Goodwill had half off everything. Can't pass that up!
I restrained myself and only got 3 things (for less than 10 bucks!) and I'm pretty excited about all of them!

Cropped Tank

I loved the color of this top, and it's super comfy and swingy - great for wearing with high-waisted stuff.
Which brings me to:

High-Waisted Shorts

These are probably my favorite. They fit really well, which is awesome to find when you're thrift shopping since there's only one of everything!  I'll be wearing these all summer.

Floral Mug

This guy was 50 cents!  Our mug cabinet is slowly being filled. Good thing, too, with our continuous consumption of hot beverages.


  1. that mug is PERFECT!!
    I need to get some high waisted shorts.. have to check out the thrift store ;)


    1. I know right! I love the mug! There's a pretty big selection of shorts at our local Goodwill, so I'm assuming that would be the case most anywhere :)


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