For a second, I entertained the thought of using the term "arm party", but... no.
I've always worn stacks of rings and bracelets.  In my youth, it was indiscriminate, and I didn't really try to coordinate them at all. Now I know better, and I like to think I'm pretty good at organizing my wrists.
Here's what I've been wearing lately:

The big ring I got at a local boutique, and the small beaded one I got from a craft fair.  I love big rings, but I try to only wear one at a time - then all the focus is on how cute it is, rather than "Wow, that girl looks like a pirate." And yes, people said that my freshman year of college.  Pick smaller rings in colors that accent the bigger one.

When I wear bracelets, I always wear them on my left wrist because then it doesn't interfere when I'm writing. The spikey bracelets came from Claire's (I may have a problem), and the other one was a gift from Italy from my friend Sarah.  And, you know, that ring is my engagement ring.
Basically, everything will look better if you coordinate the colors and try not to get too crazy with the huge cocktail rings. But if you wanna look like a pirate, more power to you, lady.

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