Ya'll know I love cardigans.
But unfortunately, cardigans cannot be worn on their own.  At least not without getting super PG-13.  And personally, I don't like dropping TONS of money on something that can't be worn on its own.  Some money, sure, but not a huge amount.  Therefore, I don't have hundreds of cardigans, and when the weather starts getting colder and tank top dresses become rather impractical, I end up wearing the same two cardigans over them.
Lately I've tried layering flowy tops over dresses as an alternative to cardigans.  That way I've got more variety and another way to wear semi-sheer tops that don't require camis!
I really hate camis but that's another story all together.

top: pink.hearts// belt: old// dress: mudd

top: jella//dress: F21//glasses: target

Even before it starts getting cold, you can layer tank tops over dresses that may need a little more coverage up top for an easier to wear alternative to a lightweight jacket or cardigan.

tank: pure+good for anthro//dress: lauren conrad

I personally find this style much more comfy than a cardigan or a cami to add more to a bare top.  And since you can layer any shirt over any dress, it basically doubles your wardrobe. Perfect.


  1. Love this idea, I am always layering button up shirts over strappy dresses, but this way you get to use even more of your wardrobe! Your first outfit is so lovely :) xx



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