It finally happened.
For a year and some change, I have kept my iphone safe. This is because I knew that if something happened to it, I would freak, because that's what I do when things happen. Also, there wouldn't be much of a chance of me getting another one, because the retail value of these things is ridiculous.  Plus, my parents were one of the last bastions of thriftiness who saw no reason to be spending extra every month for me to have internet access whenever I pleased.  It was many a long year of being the only one of my friends with a flip-up keyboard and a separate camera before I joined the kingdom of smartphonedom.

It wasn't this bad. But it was close.

But on Thursday, all was lost.
We've needed to get Drano for the bathroom sink for a couple days (I know, we're gross, but we literally have one night free a week and going to the DG for cleaning supplies just didn't seem that important when it finally rolled around), and so there's a few inches of standing water in the bottom.  Because I am addicted, my phone was sitting on the side of the sink, and I bumped it when I went to wash my hands.

It slid in, I saw it go and yelled curses, got it out and dried it off.  Everything seemed fine, so I didn't worry about it.
Little did I know.
About an hour later, I tried to call Caleb.  I couldn't hear anything coming out of the phone, and Caleb told me after he got home that he couldn't hear me either.  Something was definitely wrong.
After seeking the advice of my FB friends, I threw that sucker in a bag of rice.  We are now waiting to see if it will recover from it's watery dunking.

I dealt with it better than I thought I would, actually.  It'll sound stupid, but I feel so strange without that form of communication.  Of course I had the computer, but not having a way to instantly communicate with someone is strange.  Freeing, a bit, but mostly strange.
The social media aspect was weird to be without, but I think it taught me a lesson.  My first instinct when I see something pretty is to take a picture of it for instagram.  I saw so many gorgeous things this weekend - changing leaves, antique dishes at a moving sale, some slammin' latte art - but there aren't any pictures of them.  I just have to remember them.  It somehow makes them more special to be private rather than shared with everyone.

We went out and had a great time with friends this weekend, and instead of checking my email and editing snapshots to post, I was just there, experiencing it without documenting it.  It was refreshing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty anxious to get my phone back, but the break from the constant communication and technology was timely.  And probably needed.


  1. I hope you get your phone back okay! Like you, I was the last of my friends to give into having a smart phone. I have ALWAYS been proud of my brick phone, but it started being more expensive than a smart phone and that didn't make sense. I feel a bit naked without my phone, maybe I should take a self imposed phone break! xx

    1. The rice must be magic, because its working now! It won't keep a charge worth a flip, but I guess there had to be some sort of effect from dunking it. I felt so naked! But a self-imposed one might be a good idea - it was good for me, at least!


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