Last weekend, Caleb and I went on a ghost tour of the historic district of Huntsville. We had been before, but the tour is divided into different districts, so we got to have a different tour than we had before.

We don't really believe in ghosts, but being creeped out is always fun.  Caleb is a big history buff, so he appreciates the actual stories that go along with the "hauntings."  I just appreciate feeling like I'm on Ghost Hunters.
The guide was dressed up as a scary undertaker, adding another layer of creep to the proceedings.

The tour started at 6, so it was still daylight outside, making things more funny than scary.  Once it got dark, though, things got much creepier.  I'm fairly certain I saw a ghostly shape in the window of an abandoned house... but, as Caleb informed me, it was probably just a reflection in the glass.

If there's a ghost tour close to you, I highly recommend you take it! It's tons of creepy fun and you'll learn a lot about your city :)

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