Today's artist series is sweet Amber, a talented photographer in the North Alabama area who has been one of my good friends since high school. She took our engagement pictures :)

1. When did you start with photography? Did you start out with the intent to turn it into a business? I started photographing when I was about 14 years old and never intended for it to be a business. It was strictly a hobby in which I did not think was going to go anywhere. I put down the camera a few times actually. Ironically, every time I gave up, there was someone who wanted me to photograph them. These inquires progressed and I realized that this was a gift that the Lord had given me and that I needed to pursue it. 2. What classes/tutorials did you find the most helpful when you were learning photography and developing your style? I actually check out a lot of blogs by some of my favorite photographers that I admire. Usually the questions that I have are addressed by others who have asked them earlier. I also check out group discussions on Flickr! I'm also actually taking two photography classes in school and I'm blown away by how much I am learning even though I thought I had already known enough.

3. What is your favorite camera to use? Do you have any that you would recommend to beginners? Ah! My favorite camera to use is my Nikon D600. He is a full frame DSLR and his name is Romeo (do I sound weird yet?). I would recommend the Nikon D3200. It's the newer and upgraded equivalent to the Nikon D40 which I started out with. 4. What strategies have you used to market yourself and your business? Which ones worked the best? Okay, I'll be a little transparent with you here. I am terrified of marketing and it's a fear that I'm working to overcome personally. I tend to be a bit subtle, but what I find that works best (and what is the only tool I use at the moment) is social media. Facebook has worked wonderfully, but I'm all about some Instagram!

5. What is your favorite subject to shoot? I love shooting senior girls! They have so much spunk and they know exactly what they're looking for when they ask me for photographs. They want unique photos that stand out amongst the other girls of their class, and I am more than happy to bring the diversity.

You can like Amber on her facebook page and see more of her work and contact information on her blog
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