I have had a happy couple days of setting up the new apartment, decorating, and sitting happily in our new living room with a cup of tea.  It's really starting to feel like a home.

One of my favorite features of this place is all the natural light, and the room with the best has to be the bedroom.  It's light and airy and exactly what we need after long work days.

Our bed actually belonged to Caleb's great grandmother a long time ago.  We're hoping that the wooden supports underneath last for a good long time, because they don't make them for these beds anymore.  I've got big plans for painting the wrought iron part white eventually.  The two chests of drawers are antiques from family as well.

While we were packing everything to move, I found at least three or four huge candles that we had gotten for wedding presents and forgotten about. Yay for us!

The "W" was our wedding guest book.  I love having it as something we can hang up, rather than a book we would have stuck in a closet and not looked at again.

Amber (remember her from the artist series?) made us this cute shadowbox, which is one of my favorite decorations we have.  She's just talented all the way around.

I'll be sharing corners of our new place (and the plans I have for them in the future) a little bit every week!

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