It has been a beautiful last couple days. Tennessee had a end of winter heat wave, which is pretty common around here - a week or so of gorgeous weather right before the last little bit of winter. It's been a tough one, too - ice storms big enough for my car to get stuck.  A few inches of snow to many of you probably isn't a big deal, but down here we have no idea how to handle it, and things tend to get dicey.  Like, no bread left in the grocery store dicey.

We've had quite the winter.  Lots of car trouble, Caleb ended up in the ER at one point... but everything ended well.  It's been a big reminder to be thankful for our health and safety.

Our new apartment has a awesome back porch with a great view, and these few weeks have been fantastic for enjoying it.  I've gotten a lot done on Over Mountains jewelry (physical shop coming to Perk Up, Cookevillites!), passed the exam I needed for my internship, and written 3 of  4 final papers I need for graduation.  And taken back porch naps.

Life is good lately.

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