1. Lorde // This girl. So much cooler than I will ever be, and she's like 15.  I would love to be able to write music like she does. Oh, to have the resources to go see her at Coachella... maybe one day.

2. turquoise // Something about turquoise jewelry reminds summer and fun times. It also makes me feel cooler when I wear it - another plus.  I'm a huge fan of chunky rings anyway, so turquoise has been my go-to ring choice lately.  Here are some great ones on etsy: one, two three

3. thick strapped sandals // Definitely on my list for summer shopping.  Strappy sandals seem so much more grown up than flip flops.  My favorites are these from Moorea Seal:

How gorgeous, right?  Some other favorites are here and here.

4. retro swim suits // I love this style and I've been pinning it like crazy, but I can't quite decide whether or not they would look good on me... I guess I'll just have to order one and see! Modcloth has a bunch of cute ones.

5. my back porch // as the weather gets warmer, my back porch is quickly becoming my favorite place.  I'm so glad to have that space to read and soak up sun.

image cred: one, two, three

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