It's my birthday next week!

And ever-so-loving Mom got me a gift card to Gap.  The beauty of a gift card to Gap is that it can also be used at Old Navy and Banana Republic.  As it stands, I used it at Old Navy.

I actually used most of it on clothes for Caleb, because the man needs them and Lord knows he isn't going to decide to go shopping on his own.

But I did find this army-inspired vest.  It has lots of pockets, which I'm a fan of because I always lose my phone in my giant purse, so keeping it in a pocket instead is ideal.    It's one of those things that I probably wouldn't have spent the money on if I didn't have the gift card, but I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it.

So thanks, Mom. And thanks, Gap gift cards.

Way the first: necklace, romper (similar linked), vest

army vest and romper

I have spoken of my (perhaps misguided) love of the romper.  My only beef with it is if you have a solid colored one like this, it can be boring on it's own.  Enter the army vest.

Way the second: tank, maxi (similar linked), vest

feminine army vest

Do I wear this outfit all the time? The answer is yes.  I, like Lizzie McGuire, am an outfit repeater. But it's made better and more interesting by the vest.

Way the third: nude tank, head wrap, jeans, vest

army-inspired vest

This is a good one if you're feeling Woodstock-y. Which for me is basically always.

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