A few things at once... A Story Lately Told, the memoir of Anjelica Huston, the first issue of Bella Grace magazine (which I love, and have a post for later this week!), and the book of Daniel in my morning devotions.  I realized that there were a few Old Testament books whose stories I knew, but had never read, so I'm working through them!  And I just got more books in the mail, so the reading multiple things at once trend shows no sign of slowing...

About ways to be more mindful.  I'm trying to spend more time reading, and less mindlessly playing on my phone.  I'm trying to practice more gracefulness for myself and others, be grateful instead of wanting more all the time. So far, making gratitude lists have really helped. 

 Outlander! I read the books in high school and was completely obsessed.  Now the obsession has transferred to the TV show.  Is anyone else watching?

That Friday would hurry up and get here! We're going to the lake, and I'm super excited to be away for a few days.  We took the day off for a 3 day weekend and everything!

Autumn things! I want to do all kinds of fall activities this year - pumpkin patches, apple orchards, ghost walks... I'm super excited for the seasons to change!

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  1. I'm watching Outlander! I actually didn't like the novels (only read the first) but the series is such a great blend of rich historical goodness and romance


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