You know that feeling that you get when a stranger says something nice to you? Like they say that your hair looks good, or they complement your voice after a performance, or even say that you have good taste when they hear you order at the coffee shop.  I love that feeling.  Of course, it's wonderful when friends and family do these things to, but something about them coming from a stranger, someone with no real investment in you or in how you feel... it's just nice.  You kind of expect it from those you know, and it's lovely when someone you don't goes out of their way to make you feel good.

That feeling is what inspired Random Acts of Postcard.

I decided that every month, I'm going to make 4 or 5 tiny postcards with nice things on them, and leave them random places around town.  This first batch I didn't really have a plan for - I just wrote down what I felt like I needed to. I'm hoping that these things are exactly what someone needs to hear.  I'm not telling anyone where I'm leaving them, and I fully expect the people who find them to have no idea about this blog - which adds to the fun, I think :) 

I would love it if others joined me in their own cities.  There are so many people who hurt every day, and I would love to take part in spreading love and positive feelings.  If you decide to participate, tag your photos of your cards with #randomactsofpostcard and tag me at @hnnh_fth, I would love to see! 

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