The idea of a capsule wardrobe is becoming more and more tempting.

Hanna started me thinking about it, because she is a huge style inspiration, and looking over more and more blogs that do this kind of thing makes me really want to try it. Despite being kind of a hoarder and emotional shopper, I crave simplicity.  Limiting my clothing choices might even help me have a more sound mind and less anxiety, which would be stellar, you know? Especially since I feel like for all the clothes I have, I probably wear the same 10 outfits most of the time.

For some reason before I started really reading about it I assumed that to have a capsule wardrobe of 40 pieces (a pretty good average of what most people seem to be doing), you had to get rid of all your clothes except for those pieces. Well, that was dumb of me to think. You choose 40 pieces per season and store the rest, which made the whole thing seem much more accessible!

Since you generally have one capsule per season, the ideal time for me to start would be June, with a summer capsule to last me through July and August.  Which gives me plenty of time to plan, prepare, and hopefully pare down.  I would love to have a yardsale, but early morning + planning + all those things make it seem like a headache. The thought of an Instagram sale has also crossed my mind, but the shipping! Gah, the shipping would suck.

I think the capsule thing would help me out in a lot of ways. I'm excited to keep learning more and choosing my own! 

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