This is literally one of the easiest crafts you will ever do in your entire life.

  • 1 clear iPhone cover (the one I use is a Belkin I got for about $20 at Staples)
  • old magazines
  • scissors
Remember when it was really cool to cut out things from magazines and make collages on all your notebooks (or was that just me)? This is basically the same concept, but with a clear cover. I got this idea from Pinterest (shocker I know), where lots of folks were cutting out scrapbook paper to fit the clear cover.  Instead of that, I just cut out pictures of flowers and arranged them in the case.  I didn't tape them down or anything because I didn't want the tape to show, but you could probably use tape and it be fine if you wanted to. If you keep the case flat when you put the phone into it, the arrangement stays put and the phone holds it in place.  A bendy case is probably going to be easier than a hard-shell one if you don't want to tape it (plus hard cases are just buggers to get off and on)

Really the hardest part of this whole thing was finding flower pictures that I like, but since I have all these wedding magazines laying around it wasn't terribly difficult. I think this type of thing looks best when you have a uniform idea, like flowers or fun shapes or what-have-you, but you could just go nuts and put whatever you wanted in there.
Happy crafting!

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