I recently pinned this post from the Beauty Department and was really excited about it. I like nail art but my lack of ambidetrous coordination makes doing tribal patterns and whatnot difficult. So metallic Sharpies seemed like a solution to this problem.
Not really.
My nails looked really cool at first

I was REALLY EXCITED about them.
However, after a couple hours when I had used some Spray and Wash on a dress that had an unfortunate coffee incident and washed my hands and things of that nature, the Sharpie was almost completely gone, and the bits that weren't gone were really smudged.
Disappointing. I just ended up painting another layer of the base color (Sole Mate, Essie) to cover it up.
So I guess this would work if you only want your nails to look good for a certain event, but if you're looking for a couple days of wear, its a dud.
The search for easy nail art continues.

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