Shirley Temple hair is out, apparently.
This is bad news for me, because any time I go at my hair with a curling iron I end up looking like Little Orphan Annie.
With some experimentation, I think I may have finally conquered that.

Here's What You'll Need:
Foam Stick Rollers
These are from Hot Tools, but any kind will work.
And that's it.

Here's What You Do:
1.Get a chunk of your hair and a roller. 

Step 2a
Bigger chunks=bigger, less defined waves, smaller chunks make smaller waves. I used medium-to-large sized chunks.

Step 2b
2. Twist your hair, and curve the roller around the top of it like a shepherd's hook. This helps hold it in place while you sleep.

3. Keep twisting your chunk while wrapping it around the roller like a corkscrew. This keeps it in a spiral formation instead of just going nuts. Leave out a few inches at the end.

4. Do yo' whole head. You should only use 5-8 rollers, depending on how thick and long your hair is.

And when you wake up, your hair should look like this:
If you want to get really fancy (like I did because this is my Valentine's hair), take a curling iron and wrap random pieces around the barrel (don't use the clamp). Brush your hands through the strand so it doesn't have time to set to keep it wavy instead of curly.
After using a curling iron.

Happy Valentine's day!

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