There are days when everything cute that you own will be in the laundry and all you will have are old jeans and a t-shirt.
But if you have good accessories, those days can still be super cute!
Here are a few of my favorite extra bits that always manage to make even the blandest day look fab:

Sparkly Headband:

Headband: Pink Pewter

This thing has been a lifesaver! Literally one of the best investments I've made accessory-wise. It's so pretty and it makes even the worst hair day suddenly gorgeous.  There are so many ways to wear this one too! A post all about that will be coming up on Wednesday :) This is a must have for days that you just can't be bothered to wash your hair (like 5 days of the week for me...)

Really Big Scarf:

Wearing a boring shirt? If your scarf is big enough, no one will see it!
This "spring" we're having seems suspiciously like winter (it snowed today and IT'S ALMOST APRIL and I'm mad about it), but a springy-print scarf makes it a little better. Any outfit automatically looks like you actually planned it if you wear a scarf. It' magic.
These bad boys can be hard to wrap because they're so huge, but not to worry, a tutorial on that is coming up tomorrow!


chambray: F21

plaid shirt: thrifted

Yeah you read that right.
I rode the cardigan train for a while, but lately when I want to layer I'll go for a button-up shirt over a cardigan.  They tend to have more structure and be more fitted, and I like that better. Also they come in more colors, prints, and fabrics than basic cardigans do. The two I wear the most are pictured here; a chambray and a plaid. The chambray looks great over maxi dresses and tank tops when you're transitioning to warmer weather, and the plaid dresses up plain t-shirts and dresses down white eyelet dresses (both things that I have a weakness for.)

Pretty Earrings

I am a firm believer that earrings can make an outfit. Necklaces are all well and good too, but something about earrings are fun and girly and I love them. Adding earrings makes me feel fancy.
And they don;t have to be huge or anything! Chandelier earrings have their place, but I for one can't have two pounds per ear of fancy all day every day. Just get a couple pairs in neutral colors that will go with everything and then a few silly ones (like my owls. I love owls) and you're good to go!


  1. I love the triangle earrings!!!! where did you get them??
    also the black&white stripes with the denim shirt looks super cute

    1. thanks lovely! I got them at Altar'd State last summer :)


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