On Monday I did an accessories post where I talked about some of my favorite accessories to make a boring outfit a little less boring. This headband by Pink Pewter is one of my favorites because it can be worn so many different ways!
Here are 3 different ways that I wear it. There are literally TONS of ways to do this, so leave a comment if you have any great ways you like to wear headbands!

We'll start with the simplest first.
This is awesome because it's so stinkin' easy! Literally all you do is pop it on over your head. I like to wear mine back a little, but you can also wear it across your forehead for a super boho look.  This is great in the summer with loose waves and a sun dress!

This one can be a bit more difficult to master, so I put together a (short-ish) tutorial...
How to wrap all your hair up in a headband:

Put it on like you're going to wear it hippy style

Take the sides of your hair and wrap them up into the band like you're doing headband curls (that's basically all it is, just a bit less messy)

Now take whatever is left in the back and wrap it into the back of the band.  If you have long hair you'll have to kind of tuck the ends down into it and you'll probably want to use a mirror to get it symmetrical (I didn't use a mirror in this picture so it's kind of lopsided)

And you're done! This is great for third or fourth day hair, and it's a little more on the formal side so you could easily wear it to an event or a fancy date.

This one is probably my favorite.  
All you do is take two pieces of hair on the sides, braid them, and wrap them around the back of the band so that it hides it.  A little more formal than hippy style, but not quite as formal as wrapping it all in there. I like to wear it like this to girl's nights... it's just fancy enough but it doesn't look like you're overdressed.

How do you wear headbands?


  1. Hannah! This is great for the hairstyle challenged like me. I'm pinning this and I want to get a headband like this so I can try some of these styles. I think it would be perfect to change up my look sometime. Thank you! Now following!

    1. Yay, thanks for reading! These headbands are seriously the best; a bit on the pricier side but I have worn mine almost every day since I got it!

  2. you have great hair! i love the braided look especially :)



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