We've all got them.
Those ladies that are gorgeous and beautiful and basically perfect to the human eye. There is nothing they can't do. We want to be them but we also want to be their best friend.
You know what I'm talking about, ladies.
So here is my list of my top 3 lady crushes:
Jennifer Lawrence
You had to know this was coming.
Seriously, JLaw is one of my favorite public figures in the history of ever. Not only is she a fantabulous actress (congrats if you're reading this, Jen. You aren't, but I like to think of it anyway), she's openly spoken about how she refuses to starve herself for a part and how all pictures that we see of celebrities are Photoshopped. And she cracks me up.
What more could you want?

Emma Watson
Even though she looks like a magical fairy princess, she just seems so real. And she doesn't try to project perfection, which I appreciate.
I also appreciate this:
Thank you, Emma Watson, for your sparkling wit and determination to keep your lady parts concealed from the entire world for the time being.

Troian Bellisario
First off I literally can't even handle this girl's beauty.
Secondly, give her an Emmy already.
Thirdly, I really appreciate that Troian hasn't (for lack of a better term) "sold out." She only does projects that she really feels are important rather than attempting to grow her career by doing everything that comes down the pike.
Also she's just really cool.
Those are my top 3 lady crushes! Who're yours?


  1. I have to say that these girls are on my crush list too. But I also have Miss Emma Stone in that list. I love how she is always herself, no matter what.

    1. She's the number 4 spot :) I could have gone on all day. Anne Hathaway would have made the list if I had gone past 3. And Lily Collins


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