I've gotten a request (my first post request! Is this what relevancy feels like?!) to do a post about how I take care of my hair. Ever the obliging one, here it is!
My number one rule is DO NOT wash your hair every day! Not even every other day if you can help it.  I only wash my hair two or three times a week.  Use dry shampoo on "dirty" days to give your hair volume and get rid of greasiness (a post on dry shampoos here.)
Secondly, try to avoid heat styling as much as possible. I only use heat tools on my hair when there's some sort of special occasion.  If you have to blow dry your hair, only dry it about 60% and let the air do the rest.
Use good products. Most commercial shampoos and styling products have harmful sulfates in them that dry out your hair. Use a cleansing conditioner (or google "no-poo solutions" to get recipes for baking soda rinse) to avoid harsh chemicals. Research product ingredients and what they actually do to your hair before you buy.
Braid your hair or keep it in a bun when you're sleeping; it keeps it from getting tangled and breaking.
I try to do a deep-conditioner at least once a week. What I use varies; I like to keep it natural and use coconut or olive oil, but sometimes a deep conditioner from a pot at the drugstore is easier to use (I like the Organix brand).  If you use oil, make sure not to get it in your roots unless you're staying in for the day, since it gets pretty greasy.

This is basically my dream hair. Slowly but surely, right?
That's how I take care of my hair and it's growing pretty fast now!


  1. My hair is pretty long but I love that models! That would be my dream hair also!
    I stopped washing my hair ever day since November and can honestly say my hair is in the best shape it's ever been! !
    xo jess


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