Thrift Shop by Macklemore was the theme song of this weekend. I'm still not tired of it.
On Friday, my best friends and I went to Goodwill and I got some beauties: high-waisted denim shorts by Espirit (which Caleb refers to as my Dirty Dancing shorts now), a sleeveless light blue blouse, and a high-waisted floral skirt. I am extremely pleased! I wore the skirt yesterday and forgot to take pictures, but I'm wearing it again later this week and I'll make an outfit post about it :)  I'll probably shorten the skirt before summer, since its tea-length now and I would like it right above knee length once it starts getting hot.
The shorts and blouse I'm super excited to take on my honeymoon! The 90s shorts thing has been coming back for a while and I really liked it, but I wanted to wait and get some thrifted ones for 5 dollars instead of buying them at H&M for 20 later on, haha.

Goodwill shopping got me in a thrifty mood, so on Saturday Caleb and I went yard sale hopping and I found some more lovelies!

Someone was selling these bracelets for a quarter a piece, so I got an armful for a dollar :) Something else I'm excited to wear on my honeymoon!

This Nikon film camera was also a dollar... I'm not a photography buff by any means, but I have lots of friends who are and they can do such cool things with film cameras. Since it was so cheap, I thought I'd give it a try! I'm a little afraid to get the film developed though, since it was already in there when I bought it and who knows whats on there...

Here's a close up of the skirt print :) I love that it's so colorful, I have so many tops that are going to look great with it!

It was nice to go out and have some luck with thrifting, since this week is Spring Break and all my friends are at the beach. I couldn't go because I need to save the money and I have so much wedding stuff to get done. Oh well, it will all pay off and Caleb and I are headed to the beach in August as a married couple, so I can't complain :)

Here are some pointers for good thrifting:
1. Don't have what you want in mind - If there is a certain item (like my shorts) that you've wanted for a while, look for it, but don't have a specific shopping list in your head. The whole point of thrift shopping is finding little unexpected things that you can work into your wardrobe, not necessarily finding basics. Keep an open mind and try everything because you never know what may surprise you :)
2. Don't buy anything you have to talk yourself into - I'm a big believer in the gut reaction. If you have to stare at yourself and go back and forth in your head about it, chances are you aren't going to wear it.
3. Don't buy anything that doesn't fit (unless you can fix it) - The most difficult part of thrifting is finding things you love in your size, since there is usually only one item like it in the whole store. Even if you love something, don't buy it if its too small, and only buy too big if you're crafty and can take it in (or have a crafty friend!) Even then, if something is gargantuan, its not really worth fixing it unless you ABSOLUTELY love it.

Happy thrifting! :)

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