I try to stay away from heat as much as possible, but my hair with no intervention at all is something no one should have to deal with. Here are 3 overnight ways to give your hair some curl and body without heat; all effective and all super easy.

This works best if your hair is slightly damp when you do it. You're supposed to sleep on these for best results, but I did mine in the morning after my hair had mostly dried from showering and left them in for about 3 hours.
All you do is divide up your hair (I did 4 sections, the more sections you do the curlier it will be), twist them tight and wrap in a bun, then pin them in place and wait. I can imagine these are hard to sleep on, so I would try to put them as close to the sides of your head as you can so you aren't laying right back on them :)

Here's the results I got:

Like I said, if you do these at night and sleep on them, your hair will be way curlier.

This one is much more comfortable to sleep in, but the curls have a tendency to get out of control. This is good for giving your hair body for a messy bun or an updo in the morning, but if you're planning on wearing your hair down and wavy you'll probably have to do a little more styling than this.

It's pretty simple: put an elastic band around your head, twist pieces of your hair and wrap them up and around your head into the headband. This one is a little tricky to get out in the morning because your hair can get tangled.

The curls you get afterward do look great in a messy ponytail.

This one is the simplest, and the one that I like the results of the most.  Super simple: just french braid your hair and sleep on it. I usually only do one braid for more subtle results, but depending on how wavy you want it you could do two or even three.

Forgive my nasty roots, this was before dry shampoo :P

I hope this helps you get over your curling iron addiction!

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