Remember that floral skirt I thrifted a few weekend ago (posted here)? Well here's another way I'm wearing it :)
Expect to see lots of skirts and dresses on here from now on... I don't wear them in the winter much because I'm so cold natured but I wear them all spring and summer long!

skirt: goodwill//tank: old navy// jacket: mark for avon

Speaking of thrifting, I had some luck this weekend as well...
I'd been wanting a big leather tote for spring (and had been trolling the internet for weeks...) and all the ones I could find were so expensive! 
While Mom and I were at an antique store looking for wedding things, I happened on this beauty:

It's the perfect size, genuine leather.. and $8.
Never give up, kiddos.

I used to wear tons of rings... like one on every other finger at least... but I stopped wearing so many when Caleb and I got engaged, because I wanted to show off that one :) But lately I've been yearning for my rings again, so I'm compromising and going back to my multiple-ring ways on my right hand and leaving my left bare except for my big ol' sparkler.

I found this gem at the same antique store that I got the bag. This baby was only 5 bucks.
Also, I have an interview on Friday! Those of you that are praying people, your prayers would be appreciated!

Happy Monday :)


  1. Great thrift finds! I love your leather tote...all worn in and perfect!

  2. I love that skirt! Really cute print. :D

    XO, Michi


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