1. Being late - Most people aren't good at being on time, right? I'm the opposite. It really irritates me to be late, even when it's something where being on time isn't important - like showing up to a friend's party or a coffee date. I get so weird about being late that I tend to get to my destination ridic early - like half an hour. And then I sit there.
This is why I always, always have a book.
2. Anything car related - Literally, I have no idea about anything beyond checking my oil to see if I need to add more. Even opening the hood is dicey. Caleb says I remind him of that Geico commercial where the gecko stands forlornly by the roadside and wails "I HAVE A FLAT TIIIIIIRRREEEEE."
3. Not being that annoying person who answers all of the professor's questions - I mean, if I have an idea of what Eliot meant by "still point of the turning world", you betcha I'm gonna throw down on some poetry explication.
4. Diagramming sentences - Is anyone good at this? Why would you need to be good at this?
I'm not good at this.
5. Not being jealous of those people who's hair is always perfectly curled - My hair has two settings - kinda wavy and messy (which is good most days) and crazy Shirley Temple curly. I cannot master that perfect half curl/half wave that every single other blogger in the universe seems to wake up with.
6. Putting in my contacts - You'd think after almost 10 years I would have mastered this. I haven't.

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  1. I am the same way about being late! It bothers me that I have that automatic setting that always gets me 15 early to an event. No matter how hard I try, I am always early.

    I almost think its time for me to switch over to a Kindle with the amount of books I go through.


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