Sob Story for the Week: I was in a wreck and few weeks ago and now am carless, so Caleb and I have been using his Jeep - I'll go pick him up and take him to work, drive the Jeep to class, and pick him up from work at 5. We went to visit our parents last weekend, and the Jeep stopped working. So neither one of us had a car. My mom was nice enough to let us drive her car back up to Tennessee, and while I was getting my stuff our of it, I found a forgotten pack of white V-neck shirts, probably meant for my dad or my brother and forgotten in the mad rush of transporting groceries.
It would be a shame for them to go to waste, right?
So here I took one, rolled the sleeves, tied off the bottom, and added wide legged trousers and a headwrap (i.e: old scarf I made into a headwrap using this tutorial) for a comfy boho vibe.
Also the sob story has a happy ending because I'm getting a new car today (well, new to me) and the Jeep was able to be fixed!

shirt: walmart men's Starter pack//pants: gap//scarf: h&m//sandals: target

And now for Confession Friday:
This week, instead of giving myself the manicure I sorely needed, I just painted a couple more coats of the same color over my nails to hide the chips. Then, when I actually did my nails later and they started to chip from the end the next day, I just clipped off the chipped part rather than redoing them.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. I love that turban, and your cute blonde hair.

    XO, Michi


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