Have you washed your hair in the past 3 days?
No? Me neither.
So I did this to my hair.

Cute, right? And it hides all your greasies.
Here's how you do it:

Part your hair down the middle like you're putting it in pigtails. French braid one side straight down the side of your head, not towards the back like you would if you were just gonna rock the pigtails.

Loosen the braid up a little. You're gonna be weaving the end of one braid into the top of another, so make sure it isn't flush to your head and there's a little wiggle room.

Now take the end of one braid, wrap it around the base of your head, and tuck the tail into the french braided part at the top of the braid on the other side.

See how it's woven in there? Just take the end and tuck it into the french braided portion of the opposite braid. If you have super long hair, bring the braid around your forehead and tuck the end of the braid back into the top of the same one (making a loop all around your head).

Bobby pin it in place (Use LOTS) and bobby pin the braid around the back. 
Do the same on the other side and you're done!

I love this look, it's super cute with a sundress!


  1. Great tutorial!


  2. I love this hair! I hate that mine is layered so my hair gets all over the place!

    XO, Michi

    1. My layers just now got long enough to start doing things like this, so I feel your pain!


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