I am a makeup junkie.
Every time I'm at the pharmacy, I can't seem to leave without nail polish. I buy 3 mascaras at a time because I just can't choose - do I want my eyelashes to be fat and sexy, to reach the sky, or to have curves to rival Beyonce? I don't know...so I buy all of them.
These kinds of psychological issues can get expensive.
So here is a list of my favorite drugstore beauty products that won't break the bank if you want to buy a couple or ten.

lash stiletto by maybelline
This is the most expensive item on this list... and its 10 bucks, so that should let you know that when I say cheap I mean it. Of all my mascara endeavors, this is the only one that I buy over and over.  It makes your lashes really long, it doesn't rub off, and it gives you that "doe-eye" look without being cakey and fake-looking. It's definitely worth the 10 dollars.

e.l.f. makeup brushes
I have been told time and again that your brushes can make or break your makeup... frankly, I don't buy it. I'm not paying more for the tool than I do for the product. This blush brush by e.l.f. was about $2.50, I've used it for over a year, and it works just fine.

love & beauty nailpolishes by forever 21
These babies are $2.50 and come in every color you could want. They aren't the most long-wearing of polishes, but for a cute pop of color you really can't beat the price.

physician's formula kohl eye pencils
This set is for blue eyes, but they have one for every eye color. I got these for Christmas and they're nowhere close to running out. Every one of them is super flattering and much easier to apply than other pencil eyeliners I've had in the past. The whole set was at Ulta for around 12 dollars - 4 bucks each.

cherry chapstick
Maybe it's because Katy Perry made me feel like this is what every girl should wear, but honestly, what's better than cherry Chapstick? It has a nice shade, it tastes good, and it keeps your lips moisturized.  I'm a purveyor of lip products, and this $1.75 tube is what I keep coming back to.


  1. i love forever 21's nail polish! i always go for the cheap polish.. and i really do like the ones they sell!

    lindsey louise


    1. I'm a big fan too! They always have the colors I'm looking for

  2. Hi Hannah - I stumbled upon your blog from the "never have I ever" linkup (even though I didn't linkup...lol...) I love your blog! your outfits are adorable. and I love cheap make-up..ha ha... because you can buy a lot of it (although, I do love to splurge every now and then. not gonna lie). Now following via Bloglovin :)

    1. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you found me and you like my blog! I will definitely check yours out as well :)


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