You know those girls who always look good?
I'm not one of them, but I do my best.
They always have gorgeous wavy hair that looks healthy and shiny.
This is how I've been copying the waves, and doing it without heat for the healthy part:

I wrap my hair up in a bun (twisting it out, then down to my head) and bobby pin it in place.  I do two buns for bigger, messier waves, four for smaller. Sleep on it, and wake up with pretty girl hair.

The code isn't cracked yet, but I'm chipping away.


  1. That is how I have been doing it too! It works out pretty well except when it is a humid day. I use a ribbon to hold my hair in place since bobby pins fall right out.

    How do you combat the humid weather? I can't find anything that will hold my waves for my hair.

  2. So pretty! Love all your printed dresses!


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