I have begun the exhilarating, fraught-with-vows-to-diet process of buying swimwear.
It is a time I both enjoy and loath.  Seeing all the cute stuff is exciting because it makes me think of fruity drinks and vacation (especially this year - honeymoon!), but seeing my less-than-stellar bod actually wearing the cute stuff can be... discouraging.
I am making moves to correct this. I did Insanity yesterday and ALL OF THE MUSCLES are screaming at me today.  But it feels good. Feels like my calves are on fire, but still... feels good.  I'm going to do Insanity on Tuesdays and Thursdays and my regular strength circuits every other day. Then I'll do something like swim or hike on the weekends :) And I'm watching portions so that should help to!
The way my body is proportioned (long torso, big ol' childbearing hips, and only about an inch of space between my rib cage and my hips), regular itty-bitty bikinis don't do much for me.  However, longline ones look great, if I do say so myself!
What's longline, you ask?
It's this:
dark blue top: F21//pineapple bottoms: F21//blue suit: Macy's

Somewhere between a bikini and a tankini, and perfect for hiding my awkwardly long rib cage!
I really recommend this fit for those of us who are flat-bellied but don't have much of a "curve" to our waistline - the longer line of the top creates a curve by hitting where one would be.
Unfortunately, these holy grails of swimwear are rather difficult to find.  I've found a couple cute ones at Forever 21 and Macy's (pictured), and also at Topshop and Nordstrom.
The denim top and pineapple bottoms pictured are my first two summer purchases of the season! I can't wait to get them in the mail!  Until then, it's lots of sweat and smoothies to make sure I look alright in them.

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