Summer is the best time for fun accessories  in my opinion.  You can make the argument for winter because of scarves and things, but the function of winter accessories is to keep warm. The function of summer accessories is to be cute.
These are the accessories I'm loving lately for summer!

I may be late to the party on this one, but these are perfect for days I don't wash my hair and to keep my awkwardly-growing-out bangs out of my eyes.  I guess you can wear any headband as a wrap, but I like the ones that look like they're knotted in the front.

I've seen these all over the place and loved them, so when I found a pack on sale at Claire's I jumped on it!  I'm a ring girl, so any way to have some extra ring real estate on my hands is a plus.  These are easy to wear (which surprised me) and out of the ordinary.  Word of caution: I burned myself while wearing it because it got caught on the tag of my tea bag and pulled it out of my mug and onto my arm. So yeah, know that.

I hoard sunglasses like nobody's business.  I mean, I wear them all year, but in the summer they're actually a cute accessory, rather than what's shielding the bit of my face not covered by a scarf or hat from the cold. The top picture is my usual pair, standard wayfarers from Anthro.  The bottom are some cat eyes that I got for cheap. That's what's fun about sunnies; get your sturdy usual pair, and then you can get fun shapes for like 5 bucks.


I've been a big fan of the Mexico/tribal inspired prints and accessories that are coming out for summer.  The shoes at the top are mine that I thrifted, the other stuff is on my wishlist.  Those leggings from Stylelately would look awesome with a coral tank in the summer and a chunky neutral sweater in winter and I want them SO BAD.  And don''t even get me started on that dress, I've had my eye on it forever. If only I didn't have bills. Sigh.

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  1. knuckle rings are definitely on my to-buy list. love them! they're just so cute :)



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