There's a funny story to go with this outfit post.
I'm at my parent's house for the weekend because my mom and I and some friends are going to see The Lion King in Nashville.  I got this new dress and this seemed like a good occasion to break it out.
Since I'm here, I thought I'd get some pictures for an outfit post because my parent's backyard is great and it's nice to have more places to photograph than our 3-foot apartment back stoop.
Unfortunately, I stood in an anthill. I write this post with my feet propped up and covered in calamine.
My brother, who I conscripted to take pictures, faithfully followed my orders to "just keep shooting", so there are some of me hopping around, trying desperately to get my shoes off.
Also this is why I'm barefoot in most of these.
I'm not posting the jumping around pictures because I have shared enough embarrassment this week. 
But this dress is bomb and I'm excited about it.

my poor shoes had to be doused to get the ants out of them. Sigh.
dress: kohl's


  1. That dress is adorable on you! I feel your pain, though, girly. My outdoor outfit photos almost always end up with me in an ant pile or dealing with some other crazy critter (attacking squirrels, ducks, etc.) Haha :)
    xo Heather

    1. hah I know, nature is always conspiring against me!

  2. Oh I like it! Thank you for sharing)



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