Since getting into blogging, I've found some really awesome shops around the internet.  Etsy is of course a huge resource for finding craftsmen who make super cool stuff, but I've also found "makers" through platforms like instagram.  My favorite thing about these kinds of businesses is that they are homegrown and the people working there are doing it because they're passionate about it.  When you get people who really love what they're doing and the process of creating, you get quality, one-of-a-kind products - something we're often missing in an oversaturated Target-run market.
Here are a few of my favorite craftsmen that I've found.  Be sure to check them out and support what they're doing!

Tumbleweeds Handscraft/ Beca and Doug make fantastic wooden-framed sunglasses that are also available with prescription lenses.  I'm saving up for a pair of the Amanda because it is the PERFECT face flattering shape.  Also Beca seems really cool; I follow her on Instagram and she posts lots of kittens which means that  she is my kind of person. The shop is closed for now until the end of June so that they can catch up on custom orders, but some of the bestsellers are available at Fab

Like how perfect are these. I just can't with them right now.

Gypsya// I am completely obsessed with everything in this shop.  If I can one day afford to outfit our entire home in this stuff, its gonna happen. Rose James makes gorgeous hand-quilted blankets (and ipad covers) as well as pillows, rugs, and the occasional jewelry piece. All of her items have this luxurious one-of-a-kind feel that makes you feel like a million bucks.  I'll have one of everything, please.

Monday Morning// Another Etsy shop that has a prominent place on my favorites list. Monday Morning handmakes gorgeous bags in basically every fabric pattern you could want, in a really functional design that I love.  I'm definitely saving up for one of these bags; they are really cute and the perfect size for carrying around essentials (and a novel or two... which I count as an essential)

my favorite bag of the bunch.

Especially in times like these when the economy is kind of a bust, I think its extremely important to support small business orders and professional craftsmen like these.  Plus, the quality of the item is so much higher when buying directly from the maker rather than something mass-produced in Sri Lanka.  What are some of your favorite small businesses?


  1. I love your crafty recommendations and so proud to be one of them! THanks you so much and I am looking forward to returning to see more of your finds :)



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