If you're reading this, I'm on my honeymoon! Yippee!
I got turned on to this product by the forums over at XO Jane, and lemme tell ya, it does not disappoint.  It wasn't exactly what I was expecting (I thought it was just regular mascara), but boy, it delivers.
Its called Fast Lash by Japonesque - and my teensy-lashed sisters, we have been delivered.

Don't be fooled by its mascara-like tube - this isn't mascara.  It's a bunch of white fibers that attach to your mascara and elongate your eyelashes to dramatic proportions, depending on how much you use. It looks like this in the tube:

And then like this on your lashes once you blink it on:

Warning: It WILL get everywhere.  But you kinda learn how to use it.  Just hold the brush under your lashes after you've put on a wet coat of regular mascara and blink it on.  Then add more black mascara, which will adhere to the fibers, making your lashes look longer.  You can repeat that process as much as you want until your lashes get as big as you want them.  I usually only do it once, but I have done it twice before and it was crazy.

I'm loving this stuff!  It's about 12 dollars on Amazon (here) but it lasts for a long time and makes it unnecessary for you to buy expensive mascara, since it will work with any kind.

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