One of the many fun parts of getting married is all the uber-girly parties you get to be a part of.  After this I fully plan on making a point of hosting more fancy get-togethers (well, once Caleb and I have a bigger place where we can.)
These photos are from a bridal luncheon my wonderful friend Cathy threw for me on her back porch. Everything was so cute and the food was delicious! Most of these pictures were taken by my friend Amber, who's photography page has a link on my sidebar.  She also took our engagement pictures, and she's incredibly talented!

Apparently these blue mason jars are back at the Home Depot for a limited time - its the exact same shade as was used in the 60s when blue jars first had their heyday.  All you brides better go grab some fast!

All of our plates were antiques Cathy has collected through the years.  They're from the 1950s and 60s - they even have a place to put your cigarette!

This strawberry cake was THE BOMB

It was a lovely day with some lovely ladies :) Our friend Chelsea on the far left is getting married two weeks after I am, so the parties just keep going!

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  1. I love this post -- it makes me very excited. And I love you :)


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