You need to go buy some of these like now.
I have a hard time with nail polish remover. It either smells too strong or doesn't take off dark polish. Also I loose it all the time and find myself in situations where I really need to take my janky polish off but my huge bottle of remover is at home.
Because these things have changed my life.

They are portable.
They smell fruity.
They don't dry out your nails.
And one pad takes off a whole set of polish.

Best part? It's 3.50 for 30 pads.
I had really dark polish on my toenails and just one pad took all of it off, just as well (a little better, actually) than regular remover.

My feet are not cute, but here's a reference for how well the polish came off and how dark it was to begin with.
My only issue is the oily feel of the remover can be a little messy, though infinitely preferable to the dry, icky texture of regular remover.
You need these in your life.
Get thee to the mall.

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