Oh, the fair. It is quite the cross section of humanity, especially down here in Tennessee.
But even though you will question what on earth encouraged people to make the outfit choices they did before arriving, its a whole lot of fun.
So we grabbed some friends, off-roaded in the tiny Hyundai (we should have taken Caleb's Jeep), found a parking spot in a mud hole, and proceeded to that mecca of ferris wheels and sno cones.

Caleb and Jake contemplating their impending doom via the zipper-ferris wheel hybrid.


We also watched a pig race.  I personally think pigs are adorable (the little kind, not the huge tusked, wild boar-like ones), so that was fun.  There was a tractor pull going on, but we stayed away from that.  I do NOT understand tractor pulls, and I don't necessarily want to.
There was a DJ working the Himalaya, and we're pretty sure we heard him say "Get naked" at one point.  We departed the Himalaya soon after.
Fair season is fun because its the last hurrah of summer, and I don't know about you guys, but I am super psyched for fall. Cardigans and apple cider are on the brain around here!

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