I've been loving coconut-flavored stuff lately.  And since its on its way out, being replaced with pumpkin (also a love of mine), I'm taking advantage of the last few days of coconut bliss.
This is a super easy recipe that doesn't even really need a tutorial... I just added a few flourishes of my own that I'll tell you about :)

what you need:
dark chocolate chips
1 tb. shredded coconut
coconut coffee creamer
coffee ice cubes

Don't you hate when the ice cubes melt in your iced coffee and make it all watery?  The lovely ladies of treasures and travels found a solution by poring brewed coffee into ice molds to cool your brew and keep it from getting watery! 

Take a handful of chocolate chips and a tiny bit of shredded coconut and blend it in a food processor while brewing a pot of coffee.  Try to get the coconut as finely chopped as possible.  There will inevitably be a little that settles in the bottom of your glass, but getting it finely chopped makes it less sludgy.

Once your coffee is done brewing, I put the whole carafe in the fridge for a few minutes.  I like my iced coffee cold, not lukewarm, so pouring it in freshly brewed isn't my favorite.

After it's chilled for a bit, spoon your chocolate coconut mixture into the bottom of your glass, add your coffee ice cubes, and pour the coffee over, stirring as you go.  Add your coconut coffee creamer (I used Coffee Mate Caramel and Coconut, based on girl scout cookies, natch) and enjoy!

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