Monday and Tuesday were my fall break, so we went on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with our church.  We stayed in a cabin with an incredible view, hiked (I'm still sore, it was pretty intense), and drank lots of coffee on the porch. It was a great couple days of worship and fellowship.

This was our view. It was amazing.  The mornings were the best; there would be a ton of fog in the valley (The "smokey" mountains, get it?) and the sun would rise over the mountains and burn it all off. It was beautiful.

The best part about the trip was definitely the fellowship and the worship.  Being surrounded by so much natural beauty is quite the reminder of how great God is and how blessed we are.

This was Chimney Tops.  The hike was 2 miles in and two out, and at least a mile and a half of it was steep uphill.  I'm still sore, and there were a few times I wanted to give up, but I'm so glad I didn't.  You felt like you were sitting on top of the world; the summit was this huge rock face on top of the mountain that looked over the valley.  It was incredible

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  1. Hannah! I found your blog. And I love it. And I put it on on my bloglovin so I can read it always :)

  2. Wow looks so amazing, what a great break!

  3. Beautiful photos, Hannah! I went to school with Curtis. His father Baptized me when I was younger :) Loving your blog!


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