One of the woes of having a tiny apartment is not having room for pumpkins in the fall.
I live vicariously through my mom when we visit - as soon as its September, mom has out all of her pumpkin accouterments.  And believe me, there are several.
I did want to put some autumn goodness in our space, so I started brainstorming. Whatever I did needed to be something noticeable but not over the top, not take up a lot of space, and most importantly be cheap.
This definitely met all three requirements.

I collected the leaves, so that part was free.  I already had the cord from jewelry making.  All I had to buy was the paint pen, making the grand total of this project 4.50.

I collected the leaves outside one of the building on campus - so yeah, I was that girl.  All I did then was doodle on them with the paint pen, tie them to the cord, and hang it up.

I plan on making many more of these as the leaves continue to fall.  You can string up a bunch together for a more dramatic look, add beads and ribbons; whatever you want, really.  You could write on the leaves rather than doodle... The possibilities are pretty much endless.

This has at least partially assuaged my autumn decorating urge :) What do you use to decorate for fall?

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