coffee mugs

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In honor of the Christmas season, I'm starting a series on quick, easy gifts that anyone can put together on any budget.  I get super stressed out with all different hostess, friends and family gifts that come up throughout November and December, so I'm hoping I can provide some ideas that make your holidays less stressful!

I just love mugs.  I get them on sale from fancy stores like Anthro and find some really cute ones at thrift stores, and truth be told, I've accumulated so many that our cabinet can't hold any more.  But I promise I use them all! I serve ice cream in them, eat cereal out of them, and sometimes soup, in addition to coffee and hot chocolate and tea and pretty much every other hot beverage known to man.

Because they're cute and versatile, mugs make awesome gifts for pretty reasonable prices.  Get a cute mug, fill it with hot chocolate mix/ a small bag of fancy coffee/ mulling spices for cider, and bam. instant present that anyone will love.

These are a few of my favorite mugs I've found around the internet, but you can also get lucky at your local goodwill or thrift store :) 


  1. HANNAH THERE IS AN ELEPHANT .... that's all

  2. mugs are the best!! I'm not allowed to buy any more because apparently we have too many :( so I def buy them for others instead ;)

  3. Loving the owl mug, Hannah! Great idea!


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