I've always loved the look of decorations made from nature.  Wood, stone, and houseplants are my preferred way of decorating my home.  We haven't been able to get to the plant part, but I have big plans!

I wanted to make a dreamcatcher over the weekend, but when I went to the craft store I was unable to find a wooden hoop, so I decided to make a mobile instead!

I used a wooden craft stick for the bar and fishing line to hang it up.  As for the actual "mobile" parts, I used a collection of beads and cord that I already had as well as scraps of lace, reclaimed leather, and feathers,

As far as what you want to hang from your mobile, that's really up to you!  I used the leather to make leaves and hung quartz beads with cord.  I hung feathers with pieces of a lace necklace that I didn't wear anymore, and hung one with a scrap of beaded chain that came from a broken necklace.

I hung it next to the door in the bedroom, and I'm loving it.  Corny as it sounds, it just looks peaceful.
Here's some resources for collecting supplies for your own mobile:


  1. You can use basket weaving reed for the hoop of your dream catcher. That mobile is gorgeous!

    1. I'll try to find one! And thank you :)

    2. No problem. I was a crafts counselor at GS camp and that's how we made ours. They're a teeny bit hard to get started, but you'll rock it.


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