I shop on etsy wayyyy too much. I love having boutique-style homewares and jewelry right at my fingertips, and I can browse the vintage section for HOURS.  Here's 5 shops that I'm loving:

1. gypsya. This place is my first stop for unique things for the apartment. The bedding is probably my favorite part.   How gorgeous is this pillow?

2. Roots and Feathers.  Natural jewelry is my thing, and nobody does it better than Laura, the owner of Roots and Feathers.  If you like dreamy, boho jewelry, you'll love this. Laura also blogs at rootsandfeathers.com, which is a regular read for me!

3. dreamclub. Like Roots and Feathers, dreamclub specializes in boho crystal jewelry for pretty amazing prices.  Her amethyst rings are one of my
favorite things.

4. Cosmic Bath and Beauty. I've done a couple posts on how I'm trying to be more natural with my beauty routine, and this shop fits right into that.  It has yummy, all natural products from creams to lip balms.  The products themselves are amazing, and it makes me feel good to know that they are created naturally and ethically.

5.  Sally Jane vintage.  Vintage dresses are one of those things that I can search for for many happy hours, but that't not necessary in this shop, because literally every one is a winner.  Sally Jane has a collection of gorgeous vintage dresses, as well as skirts and sweaters - basically everything you need this season.

I really admire the entrepreneurs and makers who are following what they love to do in this economy, when financial things can get so dicey, so quick.  Because of that, its incredibly important for us as consumers to be mindful of where our money is going and try to support small businesses whenever we can.
Next time you need a cute dress, pretty jewelry, or even bedding, look at etsy before you head to WalMart!

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