I got a craving for potato chips yesterday, and realized that we had none in the house.  I could have driven to Dollar General... but Buffy was on and the recliner was comfy, and I had already had enough of pants for the day.
Then I realized that while we didn't have potato chips, we did have red potatoes.
And so began an experiment that turned out exceptionally well, and will be revisited many times.

Garlic and Sea Salt Red Potato Chips
6 or 7 small red potatoes (depending on how many chips you want)
garlic cloves
sea salt
3 tb coconut oil

Preheat the oven to 350, then start by chopping the potatoes as thin as you want them.  Place them on a baking sheet, spread out as well as you can to make them bake through evenly.  Sprinkle the sea salt over them.  Chop up a couple garlic cloves and sprinkle them over the potatoes as well - I tried to make sure a piece of garlic was on every piece of potato because I love garlic.
Melt your coconut oil in a cup and pour it over the potatoes on the baking sheet.  Make sure a little oil gets on all the potatoes - the ones that miss out on the oil will burn, I found out the hard way.
Baking times vary on how crispy you want your chips to be - I think I left mine in there for close to 20 minutes.

I plan on trying a bunch of different herb combinations with these and seeing what other flavors we like! They're so easy to make as a side item.  Caleb and I are eating them as fast as I can make them!


  1. DO NOT buy any food from Dollar General. Trust me, it is no good. I know for a fact that the DG on Washington in town has a rat infestation that they've done nothing about in almost 5 years. I wouldn't trust the other stores either..... Just saying, as a former DG employee. P.S. these look delicious.

    1. Ewwww! Thanks for the heads up, haha. I'm glad I decided to bake rather than buy, then!


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