winter essentials

I get super dry in the winter. My hair, my lips, my face, and my hands don't respond very well to the dry air and the wind.  These are a few products that help combat that.
1. Wella is great for your hair - and it helps keep your scalp from getting itchy as well! 
2. Hand cream is a must this time of year, and this one from the body shop is good for your nails AND your hands.
3. I've harped on rosebud salve over and over.  Just get some.
4. Lush is my happy place.  I have never used anything from them that I haven't loved.  Dark Angels is no exception - the coal in it brightens your skin and combats acne.  I usually just use baking soda, but in the winter I need something that brightens as well as cleans.
5. I don't moisturize every night, and this cream is thick enough that it's ok.  My skin tends to be on the oilier side, so being able to skip moisturizing every other night without my skin feeling tight saves the oil from getting overwhelming.

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