Today's artist spotlight goes to my good friend Amanda of Snicklefritz Design. Amanda has done all the design work on both blogs I have written, and I have been thrilled with her work every time! She's also a great friend and just generally a cool cat.

1. What got you started experimenting with graphic design? As a kid I loved going on role playing websites. With these sites, they allowed you to customize your profile, guild, etc. It got me to thinking that I can make my own stuff to be completely unique from everyone else. Then everything just snowballed from there. 2. How did you go about learning html? I've tried before and it completely baffles me! A lot of online tutorials and patience. The best way that I learned is to look at someone else’s html codes and figure out what did what. From there I was able to create my own work. It took a lot of practice to get to where I am today. 3. I know that you draw as well as do design work with computer programs - which would you say is your favorite to work with? In all honesty, it depends on the day. Lately I have been doing design work on the computer because of my business. But there are times when I need a break and will just sketch out something.

4. How did you move from designing as a hobby to making it a business? Back in January 2012, I was starting to get a little depressed from the lack of doing anything creative in my life. While looking for a way to solve that issue, I found a blog where this lady turned her hobby into a thriving business. I started to think, “Hey, why can’t I do something like that.” So I did some research to find out the best path to start on. For me, Etsy was a great platform to launch myself and gain some experience working with clients. I have been blessed with many opportunities from starting on Etsy. 5. For those who are wanting to start their own design businesses, what marketing tools have you found to be most effective? I hate to stay it, but social media has played a large part in marketing my business. Since I am mostly based online, I try to post my work on a variety of sites to get myself out there. My top sites are, of course, Facebook and Pinterest as they reach the right audience that I need. The other best marketing tool that I have found to work for me is just word of mouth. Talking with everyone I meet about what I do. I was able to meet some amazing clients by just talking with as I am out shopping.

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